Download our Free Public CS:GO Hack 2018

We at Static-Ware have decided to release a free CS:GO hack with aimbot, wallhack, radar, ESP and all the other features our private CSGO cheats has.

This hack is great for testing purposes for people that want to try it out before purchasing our private CSGO cheats. We recommend to run Counter Strike: Global Offensive with VAC disabled when using it, since all free public hacks are easily detected by VAC and other anti-cheats.

free csgo hacks

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CSGO Hack Features

Just as the private cheat, our public CSGO hack has features like Aimbot, ESP, radar hack, config settings and much more. We have included two pre-made configs for Legit & Rage play, depending on if you want to hack discreetly or go all in. All hack settings can be saved, loaded and edited easily within the hack menu.

  • Supports all Windows versions (XP/Vista/7/8/10)
  • Many features like aimbot, ESP, radar hack and more


See Static-Ware Free CSGO Hack Video:

(Video is from our private cheat)

Click on the tabs (for example "AIMBOT") for more details.


The free public CS GO hack have aimbot + triggerbot features. Our Aimbot will automatically aim at body parts of your choice (head being the most obvious), but you can choose any part like chest, torso and more in the cheat menu.

You can also change how legit the aimbot is with the “smooth/legit” feature under the aimbot tab. The higher legit & FOV, the less obvious the aimbot will be. Have smooth/legit at around 50 to stay undetected from Overwatch anti-cheat.
csgo hack menu

Aimbot Features:

  • Specific settings for specific weapons
  • Change FOV window size
  • Smooth feature (legit hacking)
  • Choose aimspot (head/neck/chest etc)
  • Backtrace
  • Best Hit feature (legit hacking)
  • Draw HitSpot
  • Bullet Delay


Trigger bot is a part of aimbot, and is simply a feature that automatically fires your weapon when the aimbot is aiming at an enemies drawspot. We have added 3 different trigger modes (auto/key) and many more things.

TriggerBot Features:

  • 3 Trigger/Firing Modes
  • Super Hitbox Aim
  • Draw FOV
  • Key Trigger
  • Auto Trigger
  • Multiple Hitbox for legit play
  • Wall Attack
  • Key Mode
  • Max/Min Distance


ESP is a kind of wall hack, where you can see players on the screen at all times, even when they’re behind walls or other objects. You can choose to show their name, rank, weapon, distance and much more under the ESP tab inside the hack menu.

Wallhack and ESP is one of the most popular cheating features ever in FPS games, specially Counter Strike.

ESP Features:

  • Show names
  • Display health
  • Display distance
  • Show whos got the bomb
  • Display weapons
  • ESP Skeleton Frame
  • Sound ESP (NEW!)
  • Line ESP
  • ESP Size, colors and more


Radar cheat pretty much explain itself by the name, it makes you able to see enemies/allies and other things on your radar. This is a very discreet way of cheating and is widely used on LANs or other competitions where people might get a glance at your monitor screen.

You can also change the colors of the enemies etc on the radar hack, to make it even less visible.

Radar Features:

  • Radar Size
  • Sound distance
  • Show Team
  • Show Enemies
  • Item/Player Distance Range
  • Change Colors


The misc section, where all the other not so popular cheat features go. Under the misc tab you'll find features like AWP aim, bunny hop, No Flash, Auto Strafe and other fun stuff.

Have a look under this tab and see if there’s something fun to try on your next game.

Misc Cheats:

  • Bunny Hop
  • Punch
  • AWP Aim
  • NoFlash
  • Auto Strafe
  • Auto Accept
  • Spectators


Under the config tab you can save your cheat settings in different config files. The first time you use your private csgo cheat it’s recommended to go to this tab and save your settings, this will automatically save a “settings.ini” file in your cheat directory folder.

You can change the hack menu color as well under this tab, amongst other things.

Config Settings:

  • Create new custom configs
  • Save configs
  • Load config
  • Change hack menu color scheme

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how to disable VAC

How to Disable VAC in CS:GO (Safe-Mode)

  1. Open Steam
  2. Go to your Steam Library
  3. Right click on CSGO
  4. Click on Properties > Launch Options
  5. Type -insecure
  6. Click OK

When you start Counter Strike Global Offensive next time, VAC will be disabled and you're safe to use Static-Ware public cheat. You can easily revert back by deleting "-insecure" from your launch options.

You do NOT have to do this with our PRIVATE cheat since it's 100% VAC undetected. This is only needed when using public, free cheats like ours, or other peoples releases. However we recommend getting Static-Wares CSGO hacks, because a lot of people out there unfortunately put virus and other junk in their hacks.

How to Use Static-Ware Public CS:GO Hack

free csgo hacks

Using Static-Ware public CS:GO hack is quite simple and straightforward. The hack comes with 5 files, 2 of them are the actual files necessary to run the cheat.

The two main files are the cheat itself which is a .dll file, and the injector which is an .exe (StaticInjector). The injectors job is to inject the hack .dll file in to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, to do this you need to run CS GO first before running StaticInjector.

The downloaded .zip file will have a folder inside called "Static-Ware", this folder should be placed staright into "C:\", making it "C:\Static-Ware". This is the folder where all your configs will save and load too, so make sure you put all the files in the necessary directory.

You can of course use another folder, but your config files will always save in C:\Static-Ware.

Hack Instructions:

  1. Drag "Static-Ware" folder from .zip file you downloaded to C:\
  2. Start Counter Strike: Global Offensive via Steam
  3. Start “StaticInjector.exe” from the folder
  4. Go back to CS GO
  5. Open the menu by clicking the INS/insert key button.

That's it, you should now see the hack menu in-game. If you would have any issues, feel free to contact us here or via Facebook and we’ll be happy to help you out. You can also read through our FAQ, we might already have answered your questions.