We only have one CS:GO hack available at, and it is entirely private. The difference between public and private CS GO hacks are simple: Undetected vs detected, AKA detection rate. Public cheats are free, but easily VAC detected and there’s a much higher chance you’ll get banned. Our private ones, which you can try for only $1, are extremely hard to detect and completely unique for each customer. It's now CSGO Battle Royale and Danger Zone Hacks compatible!


Private Hacks are custom made cheats for every copy sold, which makes it next to impossible to ever detect and ban them. All Static-Ware private CSGO cheats have their own signature and 100% unique and undetected from VAC.


  • Aimbot
  • TriggerBot
  • ESP Hack
  • Radar Hack
  • Miscellaneous
  • Config
    Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10.


free csgo hacks

Public hacks have a high detection rate and there’s a big chance you’ll get banned using it on servers with anti-cheats. We recommend using it with safe-mode (VAC disabled) for test use only before buying private ones, however you can play around with it on public servers that have disabled anti-cheats.

Our private CS:GO cheat is different, you can use it on any anti-cheat out there as long as you play legit, meaning you’re not too obvious with your hacking. Static-ware private CS:GO cheats are unique between each hack and are lifetime owned – meaning no monthly subscription fees! The cheat stays undetected for 12+ months.

Private Hacks are Better

Static-Ware private CSGO cheats have their own signature and 100% unique and undetected from the VAC Anti-Cheat.

There’s always a change to get banned in Counter Strike Global Offensive if you go absolutely crazy on servers and make it obvious. This can get you manually reported and then banned. To play it smart, read though our LEGIT CHEATING GUIDE for some useful information on how to cheat discreetly and stay undetected, even on high stake competitions like ESEL.

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